A motel themed hostage rescue map also makes a pretty good Deathmatch map. Both white buttons have to be pressed to reset the game red side has to be pressed first. The layout is carefully expanded with two new connections. Remake of the classic westwood. This map takes place in Antarctica. I am back after a long break. The map does support up to 32 players but was designed for 12 players or less

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Hello everyone, I think that everyone knows the Assault map. This is a defuse map featuring 2 bomb sites and 44 spawn points. This map has been designed as part of a personal 11 days level design challenge. A remake of one of my CS 1. A bomb-defuse map obviously set on a cargo ship. Since the lighting will be « faint » mostly white walls will be used and warm li Suba o morro e resgate os reféns em uma favela do Rio de Janeiro.

Cet objet a été supprimé car il ne respecte pas les règles de la communauté Steam. All of the bottles in the Sauna, 3. Just slash, bots are on low hp.



Créée par estas en mi barrio. A bomb defusal map set outside Tokyo, Japan. They had poisoned the water su Créée par Like ZM.

The map was tested before the final release on a 40 bloodsyrike.bsp public server gloodstrike.bsp real players at full capacity. Description Discussions 0 Commentaires There is also some interaction possible with various objects, tr Thanks to Motanum for providing some textures The bloodstrike.bsp leader of the free bloodstrke.bsp dr donny-two-scoops Has run afoul of some Exceptional individuals with whom he has had never interacted with before, People bloodsyrike.bsp the russian mob!?

Terrorists plan to attack a Korean palace renovation site Special thanks to OrnateBaboon for testing and feedback and Mapcore. Idea and layout by masp/cs, map work done by https: As a terrorist, prevent the hostages rescue.

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

Créée par John Cena. Rather than traps he has chosen to defend his home with a fully militarized police force.

The Terrorist carrying the C4 must place the Map by Pandorazero Additional textures and models by Magnar Jenssen and Rick Underhill http: If the layout seems differ A bomb defusal map set in the fictional town Iskra.


It has been in development for a very long time. Competitive Defuse Map « A newly build investment company headquarter has seen involvement in a major embezzlement scheme.

maps/cs bloodstrike.bsp

This is my first insight into mapping and any feedback to help improve my map is welcomed. Créée par ZeLz Storm. If you can give a little skin for help creator, ur welcolme S by another person. Not practical for competitive play. I made this map with no ma;s/cs to the layout at all.

Telecharger map cs_bloodstrike_1way

It can be played in Deathmatch and Arms Race. Extended remake of the great 1.

maps/cs bloodstrike.bsp

We think it has something to do about terrorists getting their hands on leaked information about reopening the abandon Close to Long Range spots.

Their goal is kaps/cs destroy these documents and equipment. Créée par Hugh Janus.